Principal’s Message

Itineris Early College High School is an institution that blends high school and college into a coherent educational program. It is designed so all students can achieve up to two years of college credit at the same time they are earning a high school diploma.

Early College High Schools share similar characteristics that have been shown to improve learning and academic success in students.
These characteristics include:

  • Being located on or near a college campus
  • Operating within a mature learning environment
  • Offering a rigorous curriculum
  • Pursuing college credit within an accredited college degree-granting program


Currently, there are 270 Early College High Schools nationwide. The Jobs for the Future Early College High School Initiative, sponsored by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in partnership with the Carnegie Corporation of New York, The Ford Foundation, and The W.K. Kellogg Foundation have funded schools in 28 states.

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Mission & Beliefs

The mission of Itineris Early College High School is to create a learning community that inspires high expectations, supports cognitive challenges, and encourages self-discovery and civic responsibility to maximize individual potential.

Personal Connections

Students find powerful academic and social success in environments where they feel personal connections.

Personalized Learning

Students reach higher levels of achievement in smaller, personalized learning communities.

Learning Environment

Students maximize their potential in a mature learning environment that supports the successful transition to college and adulthood.

Meaningful Work

Students perform better when engaged in meaningful work; with qualified teachers who collaborate on their development.

Student Success

Students’ success is linked to having ownership in their educational process.

Civic Responsibility

Students are empowered with a sense of civic responsibility when shown the value of respectful, active participation in society.

Academic Potential

Students’ academic potential can be reached in a non-traditional educational setting.

Rigorous Courses

Students’ success in college is directly influenced by the rigor of coursework in high school.

Personal Growth

Students’ discover personal growth and character through increased responsibility and consequences for individual choices and action.

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