Preparing for Itineris

Ensure a smooth transition

Recommendations for a smooth transition to Itineris:

Take challenging courses (Honors and/or AP when applicable)

Develop strong reading and math skills

Develop strong study habits

Attend classes consistently/be on time

Maintain a 3.00 or higher cumulative GPA

Attend an Itineris Information Event during your application year

Apply early! Submit an application after attending an Information Event

Are you wondering which classes to take in 8th (or 9th grade) to be better prepared for Itineris? The guide below will help you select courses that we recommend students complete prior to starting at Itineris.

If attending Itineris as a Freshman:

  • Take challenging courses in 7th and 8th grade (Honors when applicable)
  • Develop strong math and reading skills
  • Develop strong study and homework habits
  • Attend classes consistently
  • Maintain a 3.00 or higher GPA

Strongly recommended to attend Itineris as a freshman

If attending Itineris as a Sophomore:

  • 1.0 credit Language Arts 9
  • 0.5-1.0 credit Geography
  • 1.0 credit Mathematics (completion of Algebra 1/Secondary Math 1 or higher recommended)
  • 1.0 credit Science (biology recommended)
  • 0.5 credit Participation, Skills, & Techniques (PST)/PE
  • 0.5 credit Digital Studies
  • 0.5 credit Fine Arts
  • 0.5 credit CTE (Career and Technical Education)
  • Minimum of 6 overall credits completed by the end of 9th grade
  • Maintain a 3.00 or higher GPA

*Limited enrollment availability to attend Itineris as a junior.