Student Testimonials

Quotes from Alumni

The following quotes were collected after the students had graduated and had the opportunity to reflect back on the benefits they received by attending Itineris Early College High School.



I wouldn’t have gone to college without Itineris.

—  Itineris Student | Alumnus

What Our Students Say

I learned great study habits, college tips, and received a lot of counseling that guided me to go where I am now.

It was a great stepping stone from the high school mentality to the college mentality – educationally, socially, and emotionally. The teachers at IECHS are great, supporting, and caring. I do miss the small class sizes and the individual attention that was rendered to the students. I loved how everyone seemed to care about us and wanted the best for us and was willing to help us.

What was specifically helpful was the social camaraderie and fantastic teachers.

I was able to get used to the different college environment so when I graduated and continued on it was no problem! Also whenever I got too stressed I knew I had several teachers I could always go to that would help with anything. Even today, I know that I could count on any of the Itineris teachers to help me out.

I appreciated the atmosphere of “we’re all in this together,” because it made the impossible seem attainable.

Itineris helped me pay for my education was well as prepared me for the course work.

And much more...

It showed me what I could actually do when I put my mind to it.

I was able to pay for school using scholarships that I would not have received without Itineris.

What was most helpful was the course load and having a strong science background.

What was most helpful were the Math, chemistry and other pre-reqs I needed for nursing.

Connect Time provided me with “real-world” knowledge everyone should know but there isn’t really a class anywhere else to learn it.

A lot was helpful: Saving on the expense (of college), getting a helpful boost in college, and some of the greatest staff ever.

The incredible labs and one-on-one tutoring with teachers prepared me for college labs exceptionally.

Itineris helped me make a perfect transition from high school to college. I am grateful that I took advantage of the opportunity.

Itineris was helpful because it gave me lab experience. I was one of the very few freshmen who didn’t have a horrifying/difficult transition into college.

“The preparation I received at Itineris was helpful, especially the college atmosphere, environment, and the campus opportunities that were available.

Taking care of my general requirements at Itineris freed up my time so now I can study only what I want instead of taking many classes which remind me of high school.

Itineris was the best thing to ever happen to me! It helped me so much! I don’t have to pay as much, homework is easier, I have great study habits and have been making more positive choices.

It was easy to transition because I already know the type of work that was expected at a college level, as well as how to do that type of work. I already knew what to expect.

The biotech classes saved me when I took my first science classes in the nursing program. I did not realize it then, but the things we learned in our biotech classes are the basis for every science class I have taken since then.

It was great to get the opportunity at a head start in college. I am so glad that my associate was already done by the time I was done with high school. It helped me to figure out what I really wanted to do.

The preparation at Itineris was extremely helpful in helping me through college. I use many of the techniques I learned at Itineris on a daily basis. “Connect” helped because we learned different techniques we could use in our daily life and in our daily school life.

Itineris was very beneficial in helping me understand how to work in a college setting – who to talk to, how to pick a good class, note-taking, etc. I was also able to discover my abilities as well as my limitations and with that knowledge I’ve been able to prioritize.

Connect Time gave me a greater support system by allowing me to strengthen my relationship with my fellow classmates as well as staff members. This support helped me to endure and also succeed in some of my more difficult classes that I may not have done so well in had I not had such a great support system.

Itineris choosing a Biotechnology emphasis was probably one of the best things that ever could have happened to me career-wise. I’m in computer science so most people wouldn’t dream of any relation between the two fields. However there are Bioinformatics Labs all over the world that need computer experts, and the pay is roughly double that of a normal CS job. I started out with a biology background, which gives me tremendous advantages in that field.

Itineris was the best thing I ever did to prepare myself for college. Though I didn’t realize it at the time, the workload and fast paced curriculum help me adjust when I got to a university. I was glad to be in a place where the teachers cared for me and helped lift me when I fell, rather than being dumped straight from high school into a university where professors don’t even know you exist let alone your name. I was also very grateful that the teachers pushed us to be in charge of our own learning…All the teachers taught us how to think, take notes, learn, and how to get answers if we did not know them...

I would not be the independent learner I am today, if I did not have the experience that Itineris brought. Itineris was a safe place to adjust from a high school setting to a university. Without Itineris I do not think I could have made it to where I am today. Thank you so much for everything!!! You are the most amazing people ever and I hope you realize what a difference you are and have made in all of our lives.