Small Learning

Relationships truly matter.

At Itineris Early College High School, everyone is interested in student success. Students never need to face a problem or difficulty alone, hard work and effort will be rewarded, and learning will be a cooperative effort delivered through caring relationships.

Connect Advisory provides collaboration, support, college and job-readiness skills, and a personal connection between school and family. 

Proud of our diversity.

Inclusivity is a priority.

Itineris welcomes students from almost 50 different feeder schools, representing five local school districts. Our counselors tailor the student's plan to their unique post secondary goals. 

Extracurriculars include academic clubs and end-of-term all-school socials.

IECHS Beliefs


Personal Connections

Students forge deeper academic and social success in environments where they feel personal connections.

Meaningful Relationships

Students cultivate meaningful relationships in a diverse academic and social setting that promotes respect and civility. 

Personal Growth

Students develop personal growth and character through increased responsibility, ownership, and independence.


College and Career Ready

Students maximize their potential in a mature learning environment that supports the successful transition to college and adulthood.

Meaningful Work

Students engage in purposeful work with highly-qualified instructors who collaborate on student development.

Learning Environment

Students reach higher academic potential when engaged in an early college environment with real world application.

Charter School
of the Year

Awarded by UAPCS