Academic Pathways

Find the best fit for you.

Itineris students will pursue one out of the three academic pathways during their enrollment at Itineris Early College. Students should select a pathway after consultation with their parents, high school counselor, and SLCC Concurrent Enrollment Advisor. The main focus for each pathway is the attainment of a high school diploma and the development of college readiness skills.

The pathways mainly differ by the accumulation of college credits and will be somewhat dependent on the SLCC Placement Process and other standardized test scores. The selection of a pathway is not set in stone, but merely serves as a goal to work toward as students progress through their education at Itineris. Please take a look at the attached documents to determine the best pathway fit for you.

Itineris Pathways:

  • High School Graduation & College Readiness
  • High School Graduation & Certificate of Completion
  • High School Graduation & Associate Degree by Senior Spring (or the summer after)

**Please note that the SLCC General Education/Degree Worksheet (attached below) is for student planning purposes only. Students pursuing the AS Degree or Certificate of Completion need to meet with an academic advisor at SLCC to create a personal plan. The worksheet may not be updated to reflect recent changes to the AS Degree as outlined by SLCC-so be sure to meet with an advisor at SLCC to verify that you are meeting all requirements.