Make-up Credit

Options & Helpful Links

Students who develop credit deficiencies should meet with their counselor in a timely fashion to discuss make-up credit options and to develop a plan to recover credit for failed classes as soon as possible. 27 credits are required for high school graduation. If a student fails a high school course, they may have to take a course outside of the regular school day to recover credit (this is dependent on the type of course and/or the number of credits already accumulated towards graduation).

Parents should also consult with a school counselor before selecting a make-up or credit recovery program to help their student with graduation requirements. Credit recovery resources/institutions are numerous (sometimes accreditation can be an issue) and a school counselor can be a valuable resource to help a student and their parent determines what is the best option(s) for their specific situation.

Below are a few accredited options that students often use to recover credit:

BYU Independent Study currently offers a wide selection of high school courses online and via correspondence. Itineris Early College High School accepts BYU Independent Study course work for both make-up and original credit. Itineris partners with BYU Independent Study to offer selected credit recovery (make-up) courses at a discounted rate.  Students and parents should consult with their school counselor before registering for any BYU Independent Study course. Click here for a list of BYU Independent Study courses available at Itineris.

Northridge Academy offers students a credit recovery option through independent study packets. The curriculum follows the Utah State Core Curriculum standards required by the Utah State Board of Education. Visit Northridge’s website for a list of courses offered.

Itineris Canvas Courses select courses are available for credit recovery through online courses delivered through Canvas. Content for these courses was created by Itineris teachers in their subject area. *Please note that you cannot complete an Itineris PE credit recovery course at the same time that you are enrolled in Lifetime Fitness at Itineris.

Valley High Summer School is for students needing credit recovery (must be for a failed credit). Valley High offers two sessions of summer classes. Click on “Summer School” under the Registration tab for more details. Summer school information is generally posted sometime in March each year.

Public Education Online SOEP was established by the Utah Legislature in the 2011 General Session. The program enables eligible students to earn high school graduation credit through the completion of publicly funded online courses.  These courses are for original credit (not makeup) only.